Pets Love Hearing Aids….

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS Hearing Aids

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS
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In my 20+ years of fitting hearing aids I have heard a lot of odd stories relating to hearing aids, hearing loss, batteries and other hearing related mishaps best not shared in the paper. The most bewildering pet related story is about a gentleman whose dog consumed (5), yes five, of his hearing aids in a 2 ½ year period.

At every fitting I do, I always ask, “do you have any pets?” I tell them pets love to eat hearing aids. Cats chew them up and dogs just eat them. I often get responses like “my Precious would never” and “oh no not my little Princess”. Side note: be careful with pets named Precious and Princess, I have learned they rule the house.

Back to our story of a man and his Dachshund. This particular gentleman received the same wise counsel as all of my patients do at the fitting and yes he said “oh no, not my little Poopsey, (the name has been changed to protect the guilty). That dog went on to eat 5 hearing aids over the next few years. For the record this was always the fault of his owner who had a habit of leaving them on the night stand.

Our hearing aids come with Loss & Damage coverage for the occasional mishap but if you have to replace them 5 times you won’t be happy. There are much less expensive ways to entertain the dog. So this article has me considering a free puppy with every hearing aid purchase. What do you think?