His hearing aid was free and he still paid too much!

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS Uncategorized

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS

“Bob” was offered a “free” hearing aid from his neighbor who purchased new ones and thought someone might use the old ones.  Bob had long suspected his hearing loss since he needed the tv louder than his wife and people seemed to constantly be mumbling. He also knew that hearing aids were quite expensive and he was a conservative, thrifty shopper. When the offer for free hearings aid presented itself, he happily accepted. After all, they seemed to fit good enough and appeared to make things louder. That’s all he really needed, he thought. Bob, in his mind, got a good deal.

3 weeks later the hearing aids were put in a drawer, Bob’s ears were sore and they never really helped that much. Sure it made everything louder, sometimes too loud, but not clearer. For Bob, hearing aids didn’t work. He paid for the free hearing aid with 3 weeks of misery.

Like with just about everything in life, “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”! Custom fit, individually programmed hearing aids will cost between $2500-$5700 a pair, depending on your budget and lifestyle. First you have to have a thorough hearing screening and ear examination to rule out blockages or other medical issues. The most important decision in the process is deciding who you will allow to help you with your hearing needs. Find someone you are comfortable with and ask a lot of questions.

We have a low-cost guarantee for the same hearing aid and services. We will make sure you get a more than fair price for a great hearing aid. We have several manufacturers and styles to chose from. Many of the hearing aids we fit today are rechargeable so no batteries are needed. The first step is a thorough hearing screening and consultation. With us it’s free so give us a call.