Most of the Time I Deliver Good News to My Patients

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS Uncategorized

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS

When people come in my office for a hearing screening, they are often fearful of what we might discover. They realize they are not hearing as clearly as they once did, yet sometimes dread hearing they should be wearing hearing aids. They really feel like this is bad news. They know they don’t hear clearly, they have the TV up loud, they often ask others to repeat, and frequently misunderstand what others are saying, especially in noise. Yet to them, being told they need hearing aids is a let down. Let me offer a different perspective.

What if you had some symptoms in your legs that caused you to limp, made unable to climb stairs very well, and prevented you from doing many of things you wanted to do? If you went to a doctor and they told you that all you needed was this special brace for your legs and you would be able to do most of things you were missing. No surgery needed. Would you do what they suggested and get the brace? I think most of us would. Yet sometimes people will look at hearing aids as “Oh no, I need hearing aids!” instead of as a solution to many of their communication challenges.

Don’t get me wrong, hearing aids do not replace our normal hearing. For many of our patients like the one who just left my office saying “Getting hearing aids was the best decision I have made in a long time”, hearing aids can reconnect them to the life they would like to live. Many of the patients I see on a daily basis feel just this way and wouldn’t think of not wearing their hearing aids every day. It starts with a free screening, give us a call.