Apparently Size Does Matter

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS Hearing Aids

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS

Ahem, I am of course talking about hearing aids. Patients, no matter their age, are concerned about what hearing aids will look like. It’s one of the top three questions they have, along with cost and effectiveness.

True Story: “Sam” came into my office for a hearing screening and demonstration. After the test and explanation he very seriously stated, “Okay, I’ll take them, as long as you can’t see them.” Keep in mind that Sam is 96 years old, in a wheelchair, and has and oxygen tank outfitted to his wheelchair. When I asked him why he was concerned if others could see the hearing aids, he said, “I don’t want to look old.” He was very serious.

Fortunately today’s hearing aids are very discreet and comfortable. What’s even better is you don’t have to pay extra to get something that’s nearly invisible. There are several styles to choose from including the IIC which fits completely in the canal and is a custom fit instrument. The most popular style is the micro behind the ear, which has a very thin wire/tube that goes down into the ear with a soft silicon dome on the end

What will work best for you depends on your listening goals and lifestyle. Schedule a no charge/ no pressure screening and demonstration to find out what would satisfy you the most. We have all styles available in every price point so we are sure to find something that will fit any pocketbook.