You Really Don’t Want to Be “That Guy”

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS Hearing Loss

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS
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Who is “That guy”? When it comes to hearing loss, “That guy” is the person everyone else knows has a hearing problem but refuses to do something about it. They have the TV blasting, much to the dismay of family members, they accuse others of mumbling, they constantly ask others to repeat, and will often times avoid social situations to keep from being embarrassed. “That guy” will often use a family or a friend as a human hearing aid, continually asking them, “What did they say”. Yet when asked about their difficulty hearing they will say, “I don’t need a hearing aid”. They are often the last to know how much their hearing loss impacts their quality of life and those around them. They think a hearing aid will make them stand out when in reality their hearing loss makes them stand out much more than a hearing aid ever would.

Fortunately we are seeing a great decrease in the numbers of people who are putting off addressing hearing loss. With the improvement of hearing aid technology and hearing aids being more socially acceptable, more and more people are seeking treatment sooner. Because they are getting help sooner, the process of adapting to hearing aids is usually easier. The longer they wait the harder it gets. Of course there are many factors involved, such as the degree of hearing loss, the quality of the hearing aid, the skill of the fitter, and most importantly the person’s discrimination score, which measures how well their brain will decipher speech once fitted with hearing aids. Usually the longer a person waits the lower the score will get. Don’t wait any longer. Come get a free hearing screening and let us help you from becoming “That Guy”.