Hey Your Family Called-They Would Like You Back

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A lot of people with hearing loss will try to laugh it off when confronted with the fact that they just don’t hear as clearly as they used to. Usually they are the only one laughing.

Over 16 years ago when I had just started fitting hearing aids I worked with a gentleman and his wife who, let’s just say, were not on the same page about his hearing loss and the effect it was having on the relationship. He felt he heard “just fine” and that she mumbled all the time. She said “he always asks me to repeat or asks what the waitress said, or what was said on TV.” Then she would miss what was being said. They couldn’t watch TV in the same room because he needed it so loud. His hearing loss was obviously causing challenges in the home.

This story has repeated itself many, many times in my career. Often times the person with the loss does not understand how it affects the entire family. They don’t understand that one of the most compassionate things they can do is get help.

I worked with that man and his wife for a month and when it was time to schedule his quarterly appointment, the wife, with tears in her eyes, said thank you, you saved my marriage.

Most of my hearing aid fittings end with a grateful family and a patient who says, “I really should have done this sooner.” If you suspect you have hearing loss, come see us for a free hearing screening. If you are not quite ready to schedule an appointment, visit our website which is loaded with information and testimonials. www.MySelectiveHearing.com