Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS Hearing Health

Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS

In most cases hearing loss is a subtle and slow moving condition. It usually starts with the higher frequencies rendering some speech unclear. People will say, “I hear, I just don’t understand”, or “My spouse mumbles all the time and needs to enunciate better”. Never does it occur to them that the problem might be their ears.

Denial is a very real and powerful emotion.

The patient is convinced they hear just fine and it’s others who need to face them when they talk, or slow down and speak up. If you question their hearing they often get defensive and change the subject.

True Story: The daughter of a person who came to my office for a screening, stormed out of the office in tears when her father looked at her after the test and said “I hear fine”. I had just told both of them that he had a moderate to severe hearing loss and recommended hearing aids in both ears. She’d had enough. A few days later he came in and told me he was ready. I asked him, “Why the change of heart”? He said his daughter refused to repeat herself or speak loudly to him anymore and he realized that his hearing loss was causing others emotional pain.

Denial is hard to break through. A person has to want to hear better before you can help them. Be patient and sit down with your loved one and explain to them how their hearing loss affects everyone. Then ask if they would consider scheduling a FREE hearing screening and consultation to get some answers. Then give us a call. We have helped thousands of people cross the river of denial.